Kate Ivanova

My name is Kate and I am an online ESL tutor. I've been working as an English teacher since 2007 and I am an absolute 'English language' addict.

Why did I become an ESL tutor?
The main reason for starting my teaching career was that I wanted to carry on learning the language myself. The more I study, the more I want to know. Sharing my knowledge with others also brings me a  lot of joy. Both English and teaching are my two great passions. This is how I combine them.



How did I become a fluent speaker of English?
My personal learner's experience has always been challenging, though fun. I've been often asked how I managed to achieve such a level of the language without having lived or studied in an English-speaking country. It's time I shared my knowledge and experience with you.

Why did I go teaching online?
I am absolutely convinced that due to modern technology the learning process has become both fast and exciting. Most of us are too busy to waste time on commuting to a language course and back. Why not try online lessons then? This is the best way to do what you love and save your precious time.



Join me
You are still full of doubts that learning a language online is possible? Let me dispel your doubts and help you to achieve your main goal - start speaking English.
Join me. Let's explore the fascinating world of the English language together.

English in Brief
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